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Life Counter PRO for YuGiOh

0.99 usd

It's time to duel! D-d-d-d-duel! This app is designed to make your Card Game duel even more pratical, realistic and fun, with a life points counter simulator similar to the one in the anime. With this interactive life points counter, you can increase and decrease your life points in an easy and effective way.
------Little tutorial
To do that, you have only to use the simplified math system of the app. Suppose you, during the game, lose 2500 of your life points, you have to press two times the "-1000" button and one time the "-500" button, located at the left column. It's the same process if you want to add your life points, but use the right column. At the end, you just have to press "calculate" and keep on with your game!

---- Link to a demo video:
Feature list:
-1 or 2 player support -Dice rolling -Heads or tails
Futures updates -Field counter markers
-- Obs: Sorry, still no support for the iPhone 5/iPad Retina mostly because I don't own none of them to test :(
Obs 2: New In-Apps Purchases with new counter styles coming in a few weeks! :D
Obs 3: Yes, we are going to add free styles too, so, don't worry